Combining espadín and tobalá agaves make this an incredibly balanced and smooth mezcal without overpowering smokiness. You’ll taste green apple and citrus up front, followed by hints of cooked agave, caramel, and smoked cocoa.

Ojo de Tigre is produced using artisanal practices and two types of sustainable agave. Although tobalá agave is really hard to cultivate, we grow it from the fertilized seeds of naturally grown plants, making way for a sustainable mezcal that doesn’t hurt the land.

New to mezcal? Small batch artisanal production usually comes at a price, but by controlling the whole process from harvest to bottling, we can offer Ojo de Tigre at an accessible price without sacrificing anything.

Your mezcal should be as full of character as you are. Ojo de Tigre brings an elevated terroir, opening the palette to wild yeasts, rural ecosystems, and the memory of roasting in palenques. Espadin and tobala agaves are made up of various essential oils that lend themselves to herbal, citrus and fruity flavors, giving you an anytime mezcal that has nonstop premium flavor and bold spirit.